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stop rw164441 Generic Stop sign file photo

Bowen drink driver ran stop sign, apologised to police

FAILING to stop at a traffic sign was the start of one Bowen's man undoing after police found him to be more than twice the legal alcohol limit when they pulled him over.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Emma Myors told Bowen Magistrates Court that police attention was initially drawn to Kelly Francis Parter, 44, after he failed to stop at a traffic sign on Inverdon Road, Bowen.

Sgt Myors said about 11.30pm on April 16, police intercepted Parter who then got out of his vehicle and approached police and apologised for his actions.

He submitted to a roadside breath test, which proved to be positive, and was taken to the Bowen Police Station where he recorded a blood alcohol limit of 0.130.

Parter told police he had been drinking with family and had consumed about five beers and two glasses of liquor before he chose to get behind the wheel and drive to buy cigarettes.

Magistrate James Morton questioned Parter, who is currently unemployed but works seasonal farm work, whether it was worth putting his future job prospects in doubt "for a pack of darts".

"How are you going to go looking for work with no licence?," Mr Morton said.

"Do you really think it was worth it for a pack of darts?"

Parter said he had been asked to apply for a work licence for a possible job opening at Abbot Point, however the court heard he was not eligible due to not currently holding employment.

Parter was convicted and fined $750 and disqualified from driving for six months. Mr Morton said he had exercised discretion in sentencing due to Parter's clean five-year driving record.