Chase Dylan Marshman, 19, of North Mackay.
Chase Dylan Marshman, 19, of North Mackay. Facebook

Drunk rail worker turns on stranger, abuses police officers

FACING a frustrated magistrate following his fourth public nuisance offence, a North Mackay railway worker found himself turfed out of court in favour of the watch-house.

Chase Dylan Marshman faced Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday.

The 19-year-old pleaded guilty to a public nuisance offence, which occurred about 7.45pm on October 16.

Marshman bailed up a stranger and told the baffled man he wanted to fight, before chasing the pedestrian down the street, the court was told.

Police officers responding to the fracas copped a tirade of verbal abuse from Marshman, who labelled one of the officers a "c---".

"The male person (the victim) has dropped the laundry that he was carrying and began to run away..." Ms Pearson said.

"The defendant and his friend chased after the male person yelling at him."

A passing motorist stopped to help and police arrived soon after to deal with an agitated Marshman, who "appeared under the influence of alcohol".

Defence solicitor Chris Colwill said he'd been instructed that Marshman had spotted the man he had chased exiting his friend's backyard.

However, there was no indication in the court that the victim had committed any crime, or faced any charges.

Seemingly out of the blue, Magistrate Damien Dwyer's voice rose significantly as he lambasted Marshman for giggling and chewing gum in the courtroom.

"He can either get rid of that chewing gum now or go to the watch-house and I'll get it put out," he exclaimed.

"You want to start laughing now, Mr Marshman, it's a different kettle of fish"

Marshman was led to Mackay Watch-house by a police officer, appearing to be quite surprised with how the situation played out.

Later, Marshman returned to the court and was placed on probation for a year, during which he'll be closely supervised. Marshman also forfeited $450 recognisance.