The woman refused to have her breath tested for alcohol.
The woman refused to have her breath tested for alcohol. Alistair Brightman

Drunk woman crashed into oncoming car

THE quick reaction of another driver saved a drunk 43-year-old Gympie woman from serious injury or death last year, when she drifted into the path of oncoming traffic and then drove away from the accident scene.

Pleading guilty to dangerous operation of a vehicle while adversely affected, Gympie District Court heard this week how Jennifer Margaret Mott drove inebriated on March 18, 2016, made a turn on Tozer St, and drifted her car into the opposite lane and path of an oncoming vehicle.

The court heard Mott side-swiped the car and then drove away from the scene, chased by two other drivers.

When she finally stopped she refused to give her details and tried to stop an onlooker from calling the police before again driving off.

When police found her later that evening, Mott refused to co-operate, and refused repeatedly to submit a blood or breath sample for analysis.

"We need to send a message to you and the public that this behaviour is unacceptable,” Judge Gary Long SC said.

Mott was sentenced to six months jail, suspended for two years. Her licence was suspended for 18 months and she was fined $750.