Robert Harman-Schufft was fined $500 for a public nuisance offence at Ocean St on New Year's Eve.
Robert Harman-Schufft was fined $500 for a public nuisance offence at Ocean St on New Year's Eve.

‘Drunken idiot’ told to grow up after New Year’s arrest

A magistrate has told a Coast man to "grow up and stop acting like a yobbo" after he was arrested on New Year's Eve for arguing with a security guard over a $50 entry fee.

Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin said Robert Kerry Harman-Schufft was being a "drunk idiot" when he tried to argue with bouncers at the Post Office Bar on Ocean St just after midnight.

The intoxicated 21-year-old struggled with a security guard after being asked to leave the club, the Maroochydore Magistrates Court heard.

Police prosecutor Nick Nitschke said Harman-Schufft had paid a $50 entry fee and was demanding a refund for being kicked out soon after he was let in.

After he was removed from the club Harman-Schufft turned around and immediately tried to go back in but was stopped by a guard.

Sergeant Nitschke said Harman-Schufft struck the guard in the forehead with his hand during a struggle, leaving a minor abrasion.

Police officers patrolling Ocean St at 12.45am saw a large group of people had gathered to watch as Harman-Schufft "screamed in agitation" and began flailing his hands around as the guard detained him.

Harman-Schufft was arrested and was in the watch house until 9am New Year's Day.

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He pleaded guilty to committing a public nuisance within or near a licensed venue and refuse entry to licensed premises on Monday.

Defence lawyer Elizabeth Davey said the offending was "out of character" for Harman-Schufft.

"I can't believe that you can say that they're out of character" Mr McLaughlin said.

He said this was the fifth time Harman-Schufft had faced court for similar offending in recent years.

Ms Davey said those offences had been committed while Harman-Schufft was in the grips of an ice addiction and said it was out of character for him following rehabilitation.

"He was introduced to ice at 14 and was deeply addicted for four years," she said,

"After those offences he realised he did not want to and could not live like that and spent time in residential rehabilitation.

"There were no convictions recorded on those offences."

She said Harman-Schufft now volunteered at a church in Kawana and was enrolled at university to study civil engineering.

Mr McLaughlin accepted that Harman-Schufft had taken steps to turn his life around but still disagreed with Ms Davey.

"I don't accept that the public nuisance is out of character," he said.

"That's nonsense, he's good at being a public nuisance."

Mr McLaughlin said Harman-Schufft was lucky to have not been charged with assault as a security guard had been hit.

"Some people are happy drunks, some people stay the same and some people are ugly drunks," he said.

"I suspect you're in the latter category,"

"You were tying up police time cause you're a drunken idiot on New Year's Eve.

"The idea of arguing with bouncers is just stupid … it only goes downhill when you argue with bouncers who are inevitably bigger, stronger and more sober than you are.

"It's time to start growing up a bit, you're acting like a yobbo."

Mr McLaughlin fined him $500.

No conviction was recorded.