PEOPLE still do not feel safe in the Toowoomba CBD late at night despite a dramatic reduction in violent assaults.

The Chronicle revealed video footage of a brutal bashing in the CBD as part of a special feature on the city's new safe out precinct.

It shows a man hit to the ground and kicked in the head as he lay motionless.

Police have said such violent assaults were on the way down in the Toowoomba CBD thanks to a dedicated CBD squad focussing on bringing violence and bad behaviour under control.

However, many of The Chronicle's readers said they did not feel safe in the CBD late at night.

Seventy per cent of respondents in an online poll voiced concern over their safety.

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Do you feel safe late at night in the Toowoomba CBD?

This poll ended on 21 October 2014.

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On The Chronicle's Facebook page, there was widespread issues with drunken violence.

"Sadly, drunk, loser bogans will always cause trouble. And Toowoomba has an abundance of them," Geoff Campbell said.

"Hope police are going to bump up their visits I surely don't feel safe doing traffic control work at night done town," Bec de Costa said.