Pup found on the Woodenbong tip.
Pup found on the Woodenbong tip. RSPCA

Bashed puppy may not survive

A PUPPY which was found clinging to life at Woodenbong tip after it was bashed and dumped is not getting better and a decision about her fate is expected to be made today.

A vet at the Killarney clinic, west of Woodenbong, where the three-month-old dog is being treated said the puppy was stable, but the signs of brain damage had not improved.

"It's a big concern. The puppy may not pull through," the vet who did not want to be named said.

It was suspected somebody had attempted to euthanise her before dumping her in a rubbish bin which was taken to the tip.

"The difficulty in cases like these is the fact we don't know if the puppy had any medical conditions prior to being attempted to be put down," the vet said.

"At this stage we are taking it day by day and we will liaise with the RSPCA to determine what is in the pup's best interest in the long term."

The Northern Star was contacted by several families over the weekend offering to adopt the pup and to help pay for its veterinary bills.

Anyone wishing to make a contribution should donate to the RSPCA.