A Mary St couple are angry their insurance company has refused to pay.
A Mary St couple are angry their insurance company has refused to pay. Contributed

Couple furious after flood insurer leaves them high and dry

AN EAST Bundaberg couple is angry that its insurance company has refused to pay a claim for a pool damaged in the aftermath of the floods.

Fiona Greenhalgh said her home and pool were devastated by the January floods and in the aftermath the couple was forced to remove some of the water from the pool due to the smell.

"When we emptied the floodwater, part of the bottom of the pool exploded, leaving a massive hole," she said.

"We contacted Suncorp Insurance and then the engineer came out but didn't thoroughly investigate it."

Mrs Greenhalgh said she and her husband were told on two occasions that they were covered. "That was about three months ago and we were so relieved," she said. "We were even told to provide a quote for a price to replace or repair the pool, which we had done."

But Mrs Greenhalgh said hope soon turned to dismay when two days later a claims manager told them they were not covered.

"They said the reason the claim was denied was due to water seeping down the side of the pool and shifting the bedding under the pool," she said.

All Shape Pools owner Rob Mcewan said he was hired by the couple to investigate and found the hydrostatic valve, located beneath most concrete and fibre glass pools, had been jammed shut meaning the pressure outside the pool was greater than the inside. "In my opinion this attributed to the hole at the bottom of the pool," he said.

"The whole idea of the valve is to equalise the pressure of the pool."

Since then, Mrs Greenhalgh said they sent a detailed letter from Mr Mcewan with his expert opinion.

"They reviewed that letter but the claim was still denied," she said

Mrs Greenhalgh said they sought permission from Suncorp Insurance to fill in the pool, which was granted.

"We cut out the base of the pool to do this and the bedding underneath the pool is completely flat and has not shifted whatsoever," she said.

Late last night a Suncorp corporate affairs manager Marcus Taylor could not give a detailed response regarding this particular claim without permission from the person/s involved but said a dispute resolution was available to all customers.