Bespoke Australian handcrafted linen furniture from
Bespoke Australian handcrafted linen furniture from

Easy-as eco living

When it comes to eco design, Australia has been among the leading nations in developing many everyday items. For instance, the dual-flush toilet is an Australian design. Now a world standard, the dual flush was developed to conserve that most precious of commodities - water.

Others include the humble Hills Hoist, solar roof tiles and insulation coating systems. These inventions were designed to harness nature's energy while saving us from ourselves.

There are plenty of ways you can make your own home more eco-friendly without splashing the cash and adding to the trash.

Embracing the less-is-more mindset, de-cluttering is a stylish start. It really comes down to how much stuff do you really need? De-cluttering also inspires you to clean and throw out things you no longer need. Have a garage sale and take leftovers straight to the charity shop.

With all that new space, you may want or need to purchase something new. My suggestion is to be sure to choose natural fibres or materials as they are better for your own health and that of the planet, and tend to age with a lot more grace than non-natural materials and products.

Based on our history, we can trust that Australians will continue to come up with more eco-friendly designs we can bring into our homes.