COUGH: Eight cases of whooping cough were reported in the region last month.
COUGH: Eight cases of whooping cough were reported in the region last month.

Eight whooping cough cases in Gympie region last month

GYMPIE residents are being reminded to take care of their health with eight cases of whooping cough reported in the region last month.

Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service public physician Dr Rosie Muller said the bacteria that causes the disease is always circulating and easily spread between people.

A case was reported on Tuesday by Skateland Gympie on their Facebook.


It urged anyone skating 10am-noon to get checked out.

Dr Muller said the best way to prevent whooping cough was vaccination.

COUGH: A case of whooping cough has been confirmed in Dalby
Health experts recommend people vaccinate against whooping cough. Peter Gardiner

"Whooping cough vaccination is recommended and free under the National Immunisation Program for infants and children,” she said.

"Whooping cough vaccine also important - and free - for pregnant women for every pregnancy, to boost the mother's immunity so that their newborn is protected until it is old enough to be vaccinated.

"The best time for pregnant women to be vaccinated for whooping cough is between 20-32 weeks' gestation.”

Anyone who thinks they have whooping cough should visit their doctor - and phone ahead to let staff know you may have it.

The cough's appearance is the latest part of a flu season which has finally peaked and passed in the region. Flu caused 21 deaths this year.

"This season, we saw an early start to the season and large numbers of confirmed cases reported to Queensland Health, but not as many admissions to hospitals as we saw in 2017.

"The fewer hospitalisations this year may be related to more widespread vaccination preventing severe illness.”