LEGEND: Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke died on Thursday.
LEGEND: Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke died on Thursday. Nev Madsen

ELECTION: Labor candidates reflect on Hawke's legacy

BOTH of the region's Labor candidates paid tribute to beloved Labor prime minister Bob Hawke, who died on Thursday just two days out from the election.

Labor candidate for Wide Bay Jason Scanes said it was a very sad day ahead, adding that most people wouldn't just say he was a great prime minister, but also a great Australian.

He said he felt the public had been given a powerful reminder of all the good things Labor had achieved, especially while under Mr Hawke's watch, including Medicare and superannuation.

Today Mr Scanes plans to begin his day in Maryborough, voting at St Paul's Anglican Church.

"I'm going to get around to as many areas as I can,” he said.

Mr Scanes said it was time for government that put people before politics.

"I will fight with determination and tenacity to ensure that we in the Wide Bay have great schools, new industries, job opportunities and great medical services,” he said.

"I will protect the most vulnerable and ensure that our veterans and pensioners are valued while our farmers and small businesses are supported.

"My priorities will be to restore funding cuts made to our hospitals, education and ensure that Australians get a a pay rise, restore consumer confidence and get our economy moving again.

"Service, be it in our defence forces or in public office implies sacrifice not privilege.

"It would be a privilege to serve and to sacrifice for the people of Wide Bay.”

Hinkler's Labor candidate Richard Pascoe also shared his thoughts on the passing of Mr Hawke.

"Bob Hawke loved Australia and was a true Australian great,” he said.

"He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

"His ability to work with all Australians for the betterment of Australia will always be remembered.

"Australians everywhere will remember Bob Hawke and honour a man who gave so much to the country and people he cared for so deeply.”

Ahead of the vote today, Mr Pascoe said people wanted more from their political leaders.

"I am proud to be part of a team that will deliver better schools and hospitals for our region,” he said.

"A Labor team that will deliver real action on climate change.

"A team that puts fairness at the forefront when making policy decisions and a team that is on the side of workers who just want a fair deal.”