Emilia Clarke.
Emilia Clarke.

Emilia Clarke's drunken shoot

EMILIA Clarke got "drunk" when she posed for Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive shoot.

Though the 29-year-old actress has stripped down and got intimate on 'Game of Thrones', she admits it was nerve-wracking working on the seductive photos after being given the accolade by the publication last November.

She said: "That was a funny shoot.

"Doing those kind of sex scenes on camera is one thing, but doing it as yourself, I need alcohol to do. That's what I needed.

"They just kept giving me vodka, and I would be like, 'I'm just going to keep the duvet. I'm going to keep the sheet up.' They'd be like, '3, 2, 1, go!' and just yank it down. You'd be like, 'Oh, no!'

"That's me drunk. That's me Photoshopped and drunk."

The British actress joked she thinks she needs to make the most of being the magazine's Sexiest Woman Alive until she is replaced later this year.

She joked to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres: "I feel like I should have opened supermarkets or something with that title."

Despite the global success of 'Game of Thrones, Emilia insisted she "still doesn't quite see" just how huge the show is

She said: "It's just one of those things. You're sort of in it."