Emotions flow at Rockhampton's TC Marcia recovery hub

SHE appeared "stoic" when she walked into the Walter Reid Cultural Centre, Rockhampton's community recovery hub for cyclone assistance, but as soon as she saw the Lifeline workers, she burst into tears.

The woman, who spoke with Lifeline team leader Peter Gee this week, was one of hundreds of people who have reached out to the counselling service since the cyclone.

Peter said everyone dealt with events like this differently.

"Even if you think you're doing really well in your life, you're still going through a traumatic event," he said.

"Everyone deals with stress differently; everyone goes through their little moments."

In one 24-hour period Lifeline assisted 166 people, and Peter said it was lovely to hear many people focusing on others who were worse off than them.

"A crisis, when that happens, it happens in the middle of life," he said.

"You've still got people going through divorce, some that have just lost someone who has just died, or they've got custody issues going on.

"The crisis of an event like this also means they've got to deal with all the other stuff and sometimes it's just one straw too many on their back."

Lifeline can be contacted on 13 11 14 or by visiting a community recovery hub.