Energex technicians had to brave searing heat in the Gympie region on Sunday to get power back on.
Energex technicians had to brave searing heat in the Gympie region on Sunday to get power back on. Chris Ison ROK250215cpower3

Energex legends work through 38C to restore region's power

Letters to the Editor about Energex team who pushed through Sunday's terrible heat

ON BEHALF of the residents of Pamela Road and Vanessa Court, Araluen, can I say a huge thank you to the technicians from Energex who toiled all day on Sunday, in searing 38 degree heat and very high humidity to repair the damage caused by the very frightening thunderstorm on Saturday night?

It appeared to us onlookers as though a transformer had blown up, which of course is a very heavy object.

Coupled with that you had to wear all the "safety gear" to do the job and it is a wonder to me that none of you came down with heat stroke.

Your blood is worth bottling.

You will not be forgotten.

Michael Jeffries,

3Pamela Road, Araluen

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Wasted money at Gilldora

SO THE white ant-ridden sleepers are now removed from Gilldora, but at what cost?

There were at least two men and a truck to deliver and construct the security fence.

Not two weeks later the fence is removed and the valuable sleepers loaded on to a low loader by a backhoe and sent to secure storage somewhere.

The backhoe remained to smooth the site.

I am gobsmacked to think of what it must have cost to remove these remnants.

Are pieces going to be sold as souvenirs to recoup some of this cost?

This wasted money would have been better spent on a couple of security cameras for the station.

Jill Dinneen,

David Court, Southside

Gympie Rattler getting back on track.
Gympie Rattler getting back on track. Renee Albrecht

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Wolvi residents ignored

IT HAS been 16 months and still the council has not graded our deplorable road.

The Gympie Times came out and did an article on the condition of our road (and) a (council) spokesperson said the road did not need grading - not true.

The spokesperson also stated that the drains were cleared but they did not do the water course that runs along the side of the road, which is full of fallen tree branches and when it rains the water goes on the road.

This spokesperson reckons that the corrugation and then 30 potholes was acceptable.

The 20-plus people who have to drive this - you can not call it a road - can not be wrong.

They have sent plenty of emails but are just ignored.

That is 20 votes (the Mayor and Cr Dan Stewart) will not be getting.

Our road has 50 pot holes - huge gouges washed from the road; these gouges are six inches across and four inches deep.

When I was told to complain to the Minister for Local Government, who could have helped as the council is put there by the state government, Minister Mark Furner said he could do nothing.

There are a lot of people that are turning against (the Mayor).

Cr Curran and Cr Stewart, both of you have let us people here in Wolvi down. Word of mouth travels so well in Gympie and my friends and I have a year left to get as many people on our side and get rid of (you).

Werner Dinslage,

Wolvi (Abridged)

Support pineapple growers

COME on Queenslanders, get behind our pineapple growers. McDonalds, Hungry Jacks and all other burger makers, put a piece of pineapple on every burger you make. You want us as customers and we want our pineapples - we give you a two-way deal.

Come on all pineapple munchers - tell Maccas, Hungry Jacks and all others we want our pineapple on burgers.

Gil May,