Environment minister considers container deposit scheme

AN Ipswich couple's gift to the environment minister probably won't make the official gift register.

But the bag of rubbish - filled with plastic drink bottles, soft drink cans and coffee cups - might just have had the desired result.

Environment minister Steven Miles told Queensland Parliament on Wednesday that he would investigate a container deposit scheme for the state.

"The most memorable item I've received in the mail was a gift bag of rubbish items collected by a community-minded couple from Ipswich who routinely collect litter around their neighbourhood on their daily walk," he said.

"The question to me from these constituents was, will Queensland introduce a container deposit scheme to help reduce the number of drink containers like this in our litter stream?"

Mr Miles said there was significant support for such a scheme and it was time for a public discussion on the topic.

He was met with rowdy shouting from the Opposition when he announced yet another advisory group of key stakeholders to look at the issue.

"Apart from being unsightly and cluttering up our public spaces and waterways, these rubbish items pose devastating risks to marine life and wildlife," he said.

"Queensland has the highest litter incidence in Australia - 40% higher than the national average - and the most littered item by volume is drink can and bottle."