Erin Brockovich arrested for being 'drunk in charge of boat'

ERIN Brockovich has been arrested in Las Vegas for being drunk in charge of a boat.

The environmental activist, who became famous when Julia Roberts starred in a film about her life, was spotted struggling to moor her boat in the harbour near Boulder City harbour.

A game warden described Ms Brockovich as exhibiting "several signs of an intoxicated boater" and called the police.

The 52-year-old later failed a sobriety test and her blood alcohol was shown to be twice the legal drink-driving limit.

Nevada Department of Wildlife spokesman Edwin Lyngar said: "She was obviously struggling to put the boat in the slip, and if you've had any experience, it's a simple enough operation".

He added: "Too many people think drinking and boating go together. We don't have a problem if people drink. Just have a designated operator."

Julia Roberts won a Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of Ms Brockovich in 2000.

Since the film, the real Erin Brockovich became a celebrity in her own right.

A prominent environmental campaigner, Ms Brockovich also starred in her own television series ' Final Justice'