Hird lodges writ at Supreme Court

ESSENDON coach James Hird has taken his complaint against the AFL to the Supreme Court.

Hird lodged a writ yesterday, seeking to prevent AFL chief executive Andrew Demetriou or any AFL commissioner who had been given access to ASADA's interim report arising from its investigation into the club's supplement program, from hearing the AFL charges against him.

The writ makes a number of serious allegations against senior AFL executives, including that Demetriou told then-Essendon chairman David Evans on February 4 this year that players in the club had been taking performance-enhancing drugs, according to afl.com.au.

It also alleges that on the following day, Hird, Evans, then-Bombers CEO Ian Robson and club media advisor Justin Rodski attended a meeting where AFL deputy CEO Gillon McLachlan said to Hird words to the effect - you can't say Essendon did not use drugs because my information suggests you have used them.

The writ also alleges McLachlan told the Bombers group at that meeting the club should go public about the uncertainty surrounding its supplement program in 2012, and also ask ASADA to investigate the supplement program because it will "look better for you".