Chris Tremlett is 2m of terror.
Chris Tremlett is 2m of terror.

Terrifying Ashes hulk ‘heaviest ever’

When Chris Tremlett arrived on Aussie shores in 2010 to play for England in the Ashes, he was already an imposing figure.

Standing a hair over two meters and sporting shoulders wider than even the biggest West Indian fast bowlers of yesteryear, the quietly spoken Hampshire product was a force to be reckoned with.

Ushered into the side for the third Test, Tremlett took 17 wickets for England in the remaining three matches - two more than Mitchell Johnson's series-best effort for Australia - helping the tourists claim revenge for the famous 5-0 whitewash four years prior.

In new developments, the Tremlett of 2010 is but a streak of the hulk that stands before us now.

After retiring from cricket in 2015 due to injury, the now 37-year-old picked up a far less strenuous activity to fast bowling: hardcore weightlifting.

Chris Tremlett, looking absolutely starved in 2010.
Chris Tremlett, looking absolutely starved in 2010.

Perhaps spurred on by memories of being nicknamed "Twiggy" during his early career because of his slight frame, Tremlett went to work.

In 2017, the towering star revealed a snippet of his grinding in the gym and instantly went viral in the cricketing world.

And he hasn't slowed down one bit.

At the time of writing, Tremlett claims he's hit 135kg in the middle of bulking season. "All round strength continues to improve every year and body measurements continue to increase! That means another new wardrobe!" he wrote on Instagram.

At one time mocked by Shane Warne as a "goober" on the county circuit, Tremlett now finds it difficult to fit through regular door frames.

We're not sure about you, but anything short of "sir" to address a man struggling to squeeze into a room is playing with fire.

Bravo, Chris, you are officially the most imposing (and inspiring) cricketer alive behind David Boon after a flight to England.