Combat archery
Combat archery

Exclusive: Thriller sport coming to Gympie

ARCHERY: Are you a fan of the hunger games or interested in medieval sports?

Chevallan Archery Park will be bringing that to life as combat archery is brought to Gympie.

The club's operations manager Gary Maile said there is no skill required.

"This is for anyone to play. You just need a group of 10 and we provide all the equipment and arrows," Maile said.

He said the overseas craze was different and something a group of people could do together.

"Safety is obviously our biggest concern. Participants will have protective masks and clothing on" he said.

"There will be no shooting above the waist and a referee will be on the course watching for the entire game.

"It can be a bonding exercise for companies, friends and families."

The senior members will have a trial session on the course before it will be open to the public.

"Our senior members will have a match on Saturday to make sure there are no safety concerns or if the course needs to be changed," he said.

"We have to ensure the safety zones and equipment is perfect for people to use.

"Safety is very important to the club and we would not want anyone being injured."

Maile said the rules would be slightly modified for each participating group.

"We will modify the rules so each game is evenly matched, that way it will be enjoyable for everyone," he said.

The club's initiation day will be February 25 and combat archery will start at 5pm.

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