Flood of exhibitions fill three art spaces across Gympie

THE works of 16 Yidding artists working at the Ration Shed Museum Art Studio in Cherbourg are among three exhibitions now showing at Gympie Regional Gallery.

Also on display: Creative milestone brings paper art to Gympie

The artists behind Cherbourg: That's My Home, in The Gympie Times Exhibition Space, were inspired by workshops held with internationally acclaimed artists Judy Watson, Gordon Hookey, both Waanyi artists based in Brisbane, as well as from Peter Widmer from the Ratartat art collective in Ballarat.

Cherbourg Yidding artists explored new approaches and techniques, while continuing to develop their own unique cultural expression of blending traditional and contemporary styles.

To support the exhibition, you can join a History of Cherbourg Talk at 1pm on Wednesday, March 31, by historian Thom Blake and Indigenous author Lesley Williams, who grew up in Cherbourg.

This exhibition will be on view until Saturday, April 24.

Ceramic artists Maddie Pola, Lindi Bernie Drew and Glenda Stasse are presenting their latest work at the exhibition Joie de Vivre now on show at the Gympie Regional Gallery Hugo Du Reitz Gallery space, which celebrates the joy of living in the moment.

Downstairs, local artist Nonie Metzler is presenting paintings, drawings and artists books completed over the past 10 years, in her latest exhibition A Decade: Retrospective and New Works.

Both of these exhibitions will be on view until next Saturday.