Aaron Drew, Wayne Dean and Brendan Lohse have taken to Facebook to lobby for Gympie’s own motorsport precinct.
Aaron Drew, Wayne Dean and Brendan Lohse have taken to Facebook to lobby for Gympie’s own motorsport precinct. Tanya Easterby

Online appeal launches for motorsport precinct

CAR enthusiast Wayne Dean has launched a Facebook appeal for Gympie to have its own motorsport precinct and is finding plenty of early support.

Mr Dean posted on the Queensland Plan's Gympie Facebook page this week wanting to stir up a discussion on the merits of the proposal.

Since his initial post, Mr Dean's appeal has been shared and commented on by many Gympie people sharing his sentiment.

"Guys in town can't do this type of sport easily," he said.

"I think there is a demand for it. Gympie would benefit."

Mr Dean said Gympie met the needs of other motorsports well, including the Mothar Mountain speedway track and the Cooloola Coast Kart Club track.

"Those motorsports are great but they don't meet the needs of other types of motorsports, such as drag racing, drifting and rallycross," he said.

Mr Dean said burnout marks all over the road was a clear sign car enthusiasts needed somewhere safe and legal to indulge in their passion for cars.

"People need a safe and legal outlet to do this kind of thing," he said.

"I don't like seeing the black marks all over the road. Doing this on the road is wrong and young drivers in particular are asking for trouble and risking their licence and having something go wrong."

The closest motorsport precincts for Gympie car enthusiasts to access are Queensland Raceway in Ipswich and Willowbank, 30 minutes west of Brisbane.

Mr Dean said he had mates living on the Sunshine Coast who travelled to Brisbane to participate in their hobby but said they would rather travel north to Gympie.

"This would be good for the town because they spend money here," he said.

A similar project was attempted close to 15 years ago in conjunction with Roadcraft, but fell over despite sound and feasibility studies being completed and favouring a motorsport precinct.

The car enthusiast said he wanted to float the idea for the public to debate and hoped something could be on the drawing board.

"I just want to get the community talking about it," he said.



Brendan Bryers: Great idea.

Gayle Harrison: Brilliant idea! Might get my boys off the road and 'testing' their cars in a safer environment. Hope it's successful and goes ahead!

Matt Lawrence: Something for those of us that enjoy offroad activities would be great as well. Such as the proposed dirt bike park that council squashed last year