Raids on Christmas light displays shock homeowners

CHRISTMAS Grinches are raiding Christmas light displays, with one Brisbane man catching someone on CCTV as they ripped the head off an illuminated reindeer.

Other residents reported candy canes being stolen from their front yard, and in previous years, having a blow up Santa's throat slashed.

Blake Corbett caught one offender on camera on Saturday night as they destroyed part of the light display in the yard of his Collingwood Park home.

He installed surveillance cameras around his property six weeks ago after thieves stolen two hot water systems and burgled his house.

"Stuff like this is disheartening. I've spent thousands on Christmas lights in the last two years."

Mr Corbett's Christmas light display.
Mr Corbett's Christmas light display.

Mr Blake said a male was responsible for the weekend raid on his Christmas lights, and he suspects he lives in the estate because he was on foot with a woman in high heels.

"He's gone to grab the whole deer and it's basically snapped the cable for the lighting," he said.

"He's ripped off the head and taken off."

Mr Corbett said his two young children were aware of what had happened.

"They know there's bad people in the world and that sometimes you just get the short end of the straw. They're only five and six," he said.

While the incident was disheartening, Mr Corbett said he had been overwhelmed with community support after the theft.



"A lot of people have said how much they love the lights, so from that aspect, it's worth it," he said.

"We tried to do unique things. There's an excavator with a reindeer pulling it, there's a stuffed elf on a mobility scooter..."

Other residents in Collingwood Park reported having a 'Santa Stop Here' sign stolen, and another family had a string of candy cane solar lights disappear.

Aliesha Walton said she had moved her decorations to the back of the house after the candy canes were stolen.

"They're Grinches," she said.


Jim Carrey as Dr Seuss's character The Grinch.
Jim Carrey as Dr Seuss's character The Grinch.

"I have three kids and they were a bit upset."

Springfield Lakes mum Michelle Ferguson has also put her decorations closer to the house after they were destroyed in previous years.

"Someone slashed Santa's throat one year," she said.

Ms Ferguson said she didn't initially realise anything was wrong because the large inflatable Santa operated on a timer and deflated overnight.

"But that night when the kids were asking why he didn't blow up, we went over and worked out there was a big hole in his neck," she said.

"Poor Santa."

Anyone with information about thefts and damage should contact police.