WINTER WARMERS: Gympie had it's coldest morning for May yesterday.
WINTER WARMERS: Gympie had it's coldest morning for May yesterday. Tessa Mapstone

Farewell to autumn in record fashion

GYMPIE joined the rest of the state in farewelling Autumn in record fashion. Gympie had its coldest morning in May at 7.5 degrees yesterday, while in other parts of Queensland, temperatures plunged below zero.

The sudden dip in Gympie was almost five degrees colder than the previous morning's minimum of 12.2 and almost six degrees below this month's average of 13.3.

Warwick's -2.7 degrees just before 7am yesterday was its coldest temperature in almost two years while Dalby also had its coldest May start in five years at -0.7 degrees.

But as we step into the first day of winter, it is not necessarily a sign the cold is ready to settle in.

While Gympie is predicted to reach a low of eight degrees this morning, from tomorrow until the end of the week the minimum temperatures will lift again to around 10-11 degrees- warmer than June's average low of 8.3 for Gympie.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology the day time temperature will be lining up with the norm for June for the end of the week and into the weekend with a top of 22 to 23 degrees predicted.

There is a minimal chance of rain (between 10 and 20%) for the next seven days, but a Bureau of Meteorology spokesman the chance only applies to the tiny amount of 0.4mm.