A Ballina man has slammed the person who left this syringe in a public space.
A Ballina man has slammed the person who left this syringe in a public space.

Father slams 'alarming' find of syringe in park

A BALLINA father has slammed the people who have been dumping their used syringes in public places.

Mark Abbott was walking his dog at the end of Boatharbour Rd on Tuesday when he came across a syringe.

"The dog actually sniffed it out," Mr Abbott said.

While he quickly disposed of the item, Mr Abbott was concerned about what could have happened if a child found it instead.

"Kids get intrigued," he said.

"The point, for me, is all the kids you see going over there.

"I'd hate to think one of mine was there and picked it up.

"Kids are so curious, that's the problem."

Mr Abbott said it was "really sh**" for drug-users to leave their syringes for the public to stumble across.

"I grew up in Sydney and I remember going to work early in the morning and seeing people shooting up in the gutter," he said.

"You don't expect to see that where we live (now).

"It is alarming."

Mr Abbott urged those using drugs to be more considerate of other members of the community and to be "respectful with what they're doing and when they're doing it".

Since posting about his experience online, Mr Abbott's story has been compounded by countless others who have also found used syringes in the Ballina area.

While he noted illicit drug use shouldn't be condoned, he said some had suggested designated injecting rooms to help combat the issue of sharps being left in public areas.

Richmond Police District officers have been approached for comment.