Gary Ryan was found with multiple stab wounds at his Mundubbera property in 2016.
Gary Ryan was found with multiple stab wounds at his Mundubbera property in 2016.

Father’s stabbing was ‘planned and calculated’

A COURT has been told that Gary Ryan was riddled with stab wounds after three men launched a “planned and calculated” attack on the Central Queensland father.

During his closing address, Crown prosecutor Danny Boyle told the jury that Mr Ryan, 43, was “lured into an ambush” where he was stabbed and cut almost 60 times with at least three different weapons.

“He was mortally wounded and left to die,” Mr Boyle told the jury at Brisbane District Court on Friday.

Murder accused admits he was at property at time of fatal stabbing

Trevor Spencer denies killing Gary Ryan in ‘murder’ case

Trevor Spencer and Stephen Peter Crump stand accused of murdering Mr Ryan who was found with critical stab wounds at a Mundubbera property on August 23, 2016.

Both have pleaded not guilty to one count of murder.

As the trial against the two men draws to a close, Mr Boyle set out the Crown’s version of events.

In the lead-up to Mr Ryan’s death, Mr Spencer travelled from Dubbo and Mr Crump drove from Rockhampton to meet another man, who cannot be named, at a hotel in Gin Gin where they booked two nights’ accommodation.

The day before Mr Ryan was killed, Mr Spencer and the other man drove 146km to his property in a “reconnaissance” mission, the court heard.

“Does that not suggest a plan of something sinister?” Mr Boyle asked.

On August 23, the trio had breakfast before Mr Crump drove them all to Mr Ryan’s property in a car filled with knives, a machete, shotgun, crossbow and walkie-talkies.

The court heard Mr Spencer then lured Mr Ryan to a toilet block out of view of the house where his mother and daughter Amy were living.

Mr Boyle alleged Mr Spencer helped inflict some of the fatal blows and Mr Crump was the “getaway driver”.

The court was told that after the stabbing, Mr Crump and Mr Spencer burnt their clothing, weapons and other items at a property in Tara.

Throughout the trial, the defence has argued that Mr Crump did not know what was planned that day and Mr Spencer was present but did not inflict any blows to Mr Ryan.

But Mr Boyle dismissed both arguments.

“How could (Mr Crump) not know if they were armed with all of these things?”

“How could he not know what was going to happen?”

Mr Boyle reminded the jury that Mr Ryan’s DNA was found on a shotgun at Mr Spencer’s home in Dubbo.

Mr Spencer was also found with a deep wound to his left hand.

He said neither had shown “one scrap of sympathy” in the wake of the death which he labelled a “planned and calculated murder”.

“My submission to you is that all three of them ... achieved what they set out to do,” he said.

“That is the murder of Gary Ryan.”

The defence barristers for Mr Crump and Mr Spencer are expected to give their closing statements on Monday. -NewsRegional