Kresimir Mimica at Ipswich Magistrates Court.
Kresimir Mimica at Ipswich Magistrates Court. Ross Irby

Fed-up former cabbie rammed car driving too slow

A DRIVER was caught on dash-cam ramming a woman's car with his ute after be became annoyed at its slow pace.

Kresimir Mimica, 45, a former taxi driver from Silkstone, pleaded guilty to dangerous operation of a motor vehicle at Bundamba on January 4.

The crash on Brisbane Rd was filmed by a following driver's dash-cam.

Police at the crash scene found Mimica's white Holden ute and a damaged car on top of a central concrete median strip.

The female driver said she stopped at a red light and saw a ute behind her with its driver acting erratically and "waving his right arm around".

She drove off with the ute following closely behind, causing her boyfriend to call out "you're going to cause an accident".

She told police the ute then drove sharply to the right and collided with her car.

Prosecutor Sergeant Paul Caldwell said the dash-cam film showed Mimica merge into the left lane, turn right and ram her car.

"(It) causes major damage to the doors," Sgt Caldwell said.

Mimica told police the car in front braked suddenly. He said its occupants verbally abused him.

He does not remember what happened next.

Defence lawyer Naadira Omarjee said Mimica accepts he swerved but did not want to drive into the car.

"So he drifted across (into the lane)?" magistrate David Shepherd said.

Sgt Caldwell said it was a reckless act without specific intent for the outcome..

"Quite juvenile circumstances," Mr Shepherd told Mimica.

"Being a taxi driver, I would have thought you're level of tolerance would be a bit better than what this offence shows," Mr Shepherd said.

"We get annoyed at a lot of things. Who knows what could have happened. The vehicles could have turned over."

Mimica was disqualified for six months and ordered to do 80 hours of unpaid community service work.