Bill Shorten and Scott Morrison
Bill Shorten and Scott Morrison

PM takes campaign to market as election looms

Scott Morrison has enjoyed a warm reception at the Sydney Markets, picking up fresh produce and votes. 

Mr Morrison along with wife Jenny and Liberal candidate Fiona Martin, were making a last gasp play to secure votes in the marginal seat of Reid.

The Liberal contingent didn't need to pack any corfultes with stall owner Antonis Cirignano quickly crafting a "vote Liberal" sign when he saw Mr Morrison walk in.

"I hope he wins," Mr Ciringnano said.

The Prime Minister left with basil, chilli, and zucchini flowers.

The visit comes as he and Labor leader Bill Shorten prepare to pitch their contrasting visions of Australia's future ahead of the federal election in two days' time.

The prime minister will be at the National Press Club in Canberra on Thursday to make his final major speech of the five-week campaign.

Mr Morrison is expected to focus his pitch on the coalition's central theme of economic growth.

"My message is this: now is not the time to turn back," he is expected to say.

The prime minister will also take aim at Labor's alternative "big taxing, big spending" agenda.

Meanwhile, the Opposition leader will deliver a speech in Sydney, at the same venue used by Gough Whitlam in 1972 for his famous It's Time address.

Mr Shorten said he wanted to speak at a place "that means something to Labor and Australia".

The key theme of his speech is a "vote for change".

Climate change is expected to be a major focus, while the Labor leader will also seek to differentiate the "coalition of chaos" with his "united and stable" alternative team.

He will be joined by Labor's leadership group, western Sydney MPs and hundreds of party faithful.