Federal Small Business Minister Michael McCormack is meeting with Gympie businesses today.
Federal Small Business Minister Michael McCormack is meeting with Gympie businesses today.

Federal Minister on Gympie visit to CPM Engineering

IN GYMPIE today as part of a nationwide small business roadshow, the Federal Government says it wants to empower young people to start their own small business.

Small Business Minister Michael McCormack will meet with the owner and founder of CPM Engineering Jason McPherson this morning, and had this to say on his arrival in Gympie:

"ALL it takes is the spark of an idea and some hard work.

"No matter your background or location, the most successful Australian small businesses started from someone's idea and the drive to pursue their dream.

"And in Gympie today, there has never been a better time to start.

"Whether you're a tradie who wants to start out on your own, or whether you're a foodie and want to see the café culture grow even more in country towns, or whether you've got plans to design an app and want to run your business from home thanks to faster internet and better mobile coverage, I have one simple message: Have a go. 

"I am in Gympie today with local MP Llew O'Brien because I want more Australians - particularly young people in towns such as Gympie - to take the chance and have a go.

"That's why I have a plan to back you.

"From starting out to small business success, the Federal Government is here to back you.

"I have a plan to cut the company tax rate and make paperwork simpler. Through programs such as the Australian Small Business Advisory Service and business.gov.au, the Government is providing you with all the relevant tools and information to make your start and grow your business.

"We already have a scheme for small business to write off $20,000 in new assets against their tax and I want to expand it to even more businesses.

"You can buy equipment valued up to $20,000 to boost your business. That could be a ute, a coffee machine, a printer or laptop - you name it - and you can write it off against your tax. And soon I hope you'll be paying the lowest company tax rate in 50 years.

"Last week, we expanded the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme to add 2300 places, alongside launching workshops and practical support for young job seekers who want to be their own boss.

"That practical help - including income support, writing business plans and accredited small business training certificates - is because we are here to back you.

"I did it myself - I started a small business from home in a country town - and was soon employing local people and seeing other businesses my publishing company used investing in larger printers and more staff to keep up with our work.

"And as I travel across Australia - particularly in the regions - I meet people who inspire me by wanting to do the same.

"Llew O'Brien often tells me about Gympie's young people and how starting their own small business can be a way to not only create more jobs, but to ensure locals in the region have the goods and services they deserve available locally.

"So that's why we back those who want to have a go.

"So get thinking and take the plunge. If you're a young person in Gympie and you have an idea about your own small business, Llew O'Brien and I want to back you to start a business, create jobs and have a go.”