FUEL PRICES: CQ motorists could soon be up for higher prices at the bowser.
FUEL PRICES: CQ motorists could soon be up for higher prices at the bowser.

FILL UP: Spike in fuel prices expected in Mackay

Fuel prices in Mackay have already jumped 3 cents a litre and RACQ suspects they will keep rising.

RACQ spokeswoman Vivien O’Connor urged motorists to fill up the tank for 120cpl or less for unleaded petrol before prices continued to rise.

“Unfortunately there’s been a sudden increase in prices at the bowser over the past week, with fuel companies pushing up unleaded petrol and diesel prices to 129.9 cents per litre,” she said.

“The latest average price of ULP in Mackay is 124.1cpl and in the past seven days, the daily average has jumped by more than 3cpl.


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“More than 50 per cent of the market is charging a high price of 129.7cpl or 129.9cpl.

“This jump is due to global oil prices rising and a reflection of the Terminal Gate Price and is now filtering through to the pump.

“While we’d always prefer there be no increase in price for motorists, we would’ve liked to have seen a more steady rise in price, rather than such a sudden spike.

“Motorists should be using the information available to them on apps like the RACQ Fair Fuel Finder, to make sure they’re filling up for the best price possible in town, as there are still some sites offering cheaper deals.”

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