FIRE: Crews are working to contain a grass fire at Atkinsons Dam.
FIRE: Crews are working to contain a grass fire at Atkinsons Dam. David Nielsen

Crews continue working to bring fires under control

UPDATE: Crews are working into the night to contain several fires that have been burning since this afternoon. 

EARLIER: Multiple fires are burning near Atkinsons Dam and Spring Creek.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services are warning residents to prepare to leave as a large grass fire continues to burn at Atkinsons Dam. 

As of 4.26pm, a large, fast-moving grass fire is travelling from Atkinsons Dam Road in an easterly direction towards Bolingbroke Road.

The fire is likely to impact Bolingbroke Road.

Fire crews are working to contain the fire but firefighters may not be able to protect every property.

You should not expect a firefighter at your door.

QFES have issued a WATCH AND ACT warning, residents need to be ready to follow their bushfire survival plan.

If you do not have a plan, or intend to leave, you should be ready to leave the area because the situation could get worse quickly.

Multiple grass fires are also burning near Gatton Esk Road, Carbine Road and Kelly Road in Spring Creek.    These fires are travelling in an easterly direction towards Balaam Hill Road.   Fire crews are working to contain the fires. 

EARLIER: A dozen fire crews are working to contain a large fire burning near Atkinson Dam.

A Queensalnd Fire and Emergency Services spokesperson confirmed about a dozen crew working working to contain a large grass fire at Atkinsons Dam Rd.

The spokesperson said crews were also providing structural protection in the area.

Smoke is affecting the area and residents are asked to close windows and doors, and if suffering from a respiratory condition, keep medications close by.

Motorists should drive with caution and to conditions and be mindful of QFES crews working on the roads.

If residents are concerned their property is under threat they are advised to call Triple Zero (000) immediately.

Dangerous Conditions

Residents are being warned hot and windy conditions could lead to a rise in fire activity in the coming days.

Rural Fire Service (RFS) Assistant Commissioner Gary McCormack warned a widespread patch of the state could experience a spike in bushfire conditions this weekend and into next week.

"A run of very strong wind gusts and low humidity from today into early next week has the potential to exacerbate the situation in bushfire-prone areas," Mr McCormack said.

"Parts of Queensland have received rainfall in recent days and weeks, but the ground beneath all that green grass is still very dry in some areas.

"Add strong winds and very low humidity into the mix, and you are looking at the perfect conditions for bushfires breaking out.

"Fires that break out under these conditions may spread rapidly and be difficult to control."

He warned residents to remain alert and take precautions around the home.

"Residents should be mindful if they are using machinery and power tools because the smallest spark is enough to fuel a bushfire," he said.

Mr McCormack urged people to call Triple Zero (000) immediately if they spot a fire.

"Early reporting is crucial to getting the jump on bushfires," he said.