A helicopter fitted with Helitak technology.
A helicopter fitted with Helitak technology.

Coast firefighting gurus strike mega $2m deal

A NOOSA business at the forefront of aerial bush firefighting technology has struck a $2 million deal with an overseas company.

Two of Helitak's state-of-the-art expandable water tanks were recently shipped to Europe in partnership with Heli-Austria GmbH, to ensure the company's growing fleet of AS332 Super Puma Helicopters were equipped with world's best mechanisation.

Super Pumas can transport up to 20 fire, medical or support personnel, while a fitted Helitak retractable underbelly tank has a capacity of 4250L.

Helitak has been developing underbelly, retractable tanks for more than a decade and are fast becoming known for their design innovation.

Helitak Australia chief designer and CEO Jason Schellaars, who piloted firefighting helicopters prior to creating the company, said the deal was a great success for the business.

"This latest partnership with Heli-Austria is an enormous step forward for my company and the small specialised team of creative people who have worked so hard," he said.

Currently operating 35 helicopters and employing 200 staff, Heli-Austria CEO Roy Knaus said the deal would help ensure the growth of the overseas company.

"We plan to grow our fleet of Super Puma Firecats to 23 so this partnership with Helitak Australia is vital to the ongoing success of Heli-Austria," he said.