FILE PHOTO: Grant Budd caught and released this 65cm saratoga at Borumba Dam. Photo:
FILE PHOTO: Grant Budd caught and released this 65cm saratoga at Borumba Dam. Photo:

Fisheries blitz on Borumba Dam permit evaders

A NEW seasonal campaign to crack down on people fishing without a permit in Queensland’s stocked impoundments such as Borumba Dam is underway.

Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol District Manager North Queensland Glenn Shiels said fishers can expect to see fisheries officers on patrol at any stocked impoundment, at any time.

“It’s important that everyone does the right thing to ensure Queensland continues to have world-leading, sustainable freshwater fisheries,” Mr Shiels said.

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“All fishers over 18 years must hold a permit to line fish, including catch and release fishing in Queensland’s 63 stocked dams and weirs, and they must produce it when requested by fisheries officers.

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“The message is, if you don’t buy a stocked impoundment permit (SIP), you will be caught and pay the price of a $266 fine.”

Aerial view of Borumba Dam
Aerial view of Borumba Dam

Borumba Dam is stocked by the Lake Borumba Fish Stocking Association Inc. The dam is stocked with Ausralian bass, golden perch, Mary River cod and silver perch. In 2017/18, 45,000 Australian bass, 25,000 golden perch, 19,608 silver perch and 1000 Mary River cod were stocked from SIPS permit sales. A total of 581,340 Australian bass and 565,621 golden perch, 236,009 silver perch and 5000 Mary River cod have been stocked in Borumba Dam from SIPS.

Stocked impoundments are ‘put, grow and take’ fisheries, with nearly all of the funds raised from permits going back to local fish stocking groups to re-stock the impoundment.

“It’s unfortunate some fishers are taking and not giving back, by refusing to buy their fishing permit,” Mr Shiels said.

“That’s why Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol has commenced a targeted operation across the State to ensure compliance with all fisheries regulations at our stocked impoundments.”

Borumba Dam
Borumba Dam

The Stocked Impoundment Permit Scheme has been supporting the stocking of Queensland’s impoundments to enhance fishing and maintain fish stocks for future generations since 2000.

In 2018/19, more than 44,000 permits were sold to recreational fishers to fish in Queensland’s stocked impoundments, generating more than $1 million to re-invest in fish stocking.

More than two million fingerlings, including iconic species like barramundi, Australian bass, golden perch and Murray cod are expected to be stocked in 2020/21 to provide access to some of the best freshwater fishing around.

An annual permit costs $50 per person, an annual concession permit is $36 and a weekly permit is $10. It’s quick and simple to purchase permits online at, at any Australia Post outlet or sub-agent in Queensland.

Visit to find the nearest stocked waterway and buy a permit. For more information call 13 25 23.

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