A fisherman could be fined up to $30,000 after he caught a saltwater crocodile and took it home.

The Department of Environment and Science is investigating the strange incident.

A department spokeswoman said the man was fishing at night on Peter Faust Dam at Proserpine on October 17 when he spotted the crocodile's eyes shine and moved his boat closer.

The angler then captured and restrained the 1.7m croc and took it home.

He later called the department so a wildlife officer could remove it.

The crocodile was removed from the man's home and placed in a zoo.

"A 1.7m crocodile is quite capable of inflicting serious injuries on a person, particularly when it is feeling threatened," the spokeswoman said.

"(The Department of Environment and Science) wishes to remind the public that they should not harass or interfere with crocodiles, and that they run the risk of serious injuries if they approach, disturb or seek to interact with estuarine crocodiles of any size.

"In addition, it is an offence under Section 88 of the Nature Conservation Act 1992 to deliberately interfere with, harm or kill an estuarine crocodile - with a maximum penalty of $30,026."

Originally published as Fisherman catches crocodile, takes it home