Craig Warhurst
Craig Warhurst

Fitting tribute to Desiree

THE Gympie Turf Club had an amazing turn up for the Gympie Cup on Saturday despite the searing heat.

There were hundreds of people at the track to take in one of the biggest days of fashion and racing on the local calendar.

This year the Gympie Cup had a sombre touch with the unveiling of a marble bust commemorating the life and achievements of champion bush jockey Desiree Gill.

When I first heard that award winning steel artist Dan Davie was commissioned to sculpt the art work, I thought "great" but when I heard it was to be his first piece in marble, I was a little concerned. I shouldn't have been.

Dan's work is amazing.

The life-size sculpture, positioned in the garden of the mounting yard catches the essence of Desiree. It's that good you can even see the pink spots etched into her silks.

Congratulations to all involved in bringing the memorial to fruition; it is a fitting tribute to a great person.