Anzac Day will be indoors this year, but there’s still plenty of ways to pay your respects.
Anzac Day will be indoors this year, but there’s still plenty of ways to pay your respects.

Five ways you can pay your Anzac Day respects in Gympie

ANZAC Day will look a whole lot different in Gympie and everywhere around Australia and New Zealand this year.

But there are still plenty of ways to pay your respects.

Below is a list of how you can commemorate the occasion tomorrow morning without breaking any social distancing rules.


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What Anzac Day will look like in Gympie

1. Light up the Dawn

Stand in your driveway, living room or on your balcony at 6am to unite with Australians remembering all those who have served and sacrificed.

Head to the RSL Queensland website to download your ANZAC Service and hit play on the Order of Service audio file.

Katy McCallum at Kilkivan General Store will be participating and invited community members to join, as long as they followed social distancing rules.

Southside resident Lyd Penfold said she would be playing The Last Post through a loudspeaker on Sorenson Rd at 6am and 9am, open to the public but within social distancing protocols.

You can also join the Aussies & Kiwis for ANZACs Facebook group, which is nearing 234,000 members.

2. Social distancing commemorations at Memorial Lane

There will be no services at the Memorial Flame, but Memorial Lane will be open for anyone keeping a social distance to walk down and remember, leave a poppy or honour a loved one.

Gympie RSL Sub-Branch president Martin Muller said the Memorial Lane flame will be lit for 24 hours from 6pm tonight, but urged all prospective visitors to adhere to social distancing protocols.

3. Virtual Candle

We have created a Virtual Candle for you to turn your phone into a shining illumination along with the traditional Ode and the Last Post.

It’s free and really simple to get and use. Here’s how:

– Go to this newspaper’s app, or website (desktop or mobile). If you’re reading this online, just click here.

– Look for the Light Up The Dawn banner then click on it.

– You’ll land on the Light Up The Dawn landing screen, which has tabs saying Virtual Candle, The Ode and The Last Post.

– Click on the relevant tab to experience each part of the content.

Do use it as often as you like, and share it on social media and with your friends and family.

4. Share your Anzac spirit

Share your ANZAC spirit on the RSL QLD Facebook page and sign the pledge to light up the dawn at the RSL Anzac Spirit website.

Use the hashtags #ANZACspirit and #lightupthedawn when sharing your images.

5. Watch the Dawn Service

A service will be broadcast live from the Australian National War Memorial in Canberra on the ABC from 5.30am. There will also be a 10am closed service from Sydney that will be broadcast on ABC.

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