RISING WATER: Flooding of Kandanga Creek, as photographed by a local resident this morning.
RISING WATER: Flooding of Kandanga Creek, as photographed by a local resident this morning.

FLOOD UPDATE: Bridge closure from noon as students sent home


JAMES Nash high school students have been sent home as authorities prepare to close Coondoo Creek bridge.

Coastal areas have been drenched over recent days, including in the national park areas where creeks and waterways flow into Coondoo Creek.

Authorities have warned of flood threats to Gympie region people and property as Borumba Dam overflows and creeks rise, causing localised but potentially dangerous flooding across the region.

Extraordinary falls have been reported from some near-Gympie areas, including Wolvi, where Henry Kross reported receiving 134mm in only two-and-a-half hours to 10pm last night.

Fast-flowing and rising water has cut roads in several areas, including Coondoo, Kandanga and Langshaw, Dagun Pocket and Tiaro.

Seqwater this morning announced Borumba Dam has started spilling excess water due to heavy rain.

"If you are downstream of the dam, please avoid potential hazards such as fast flowing or deep water near waterways and floodplains. These hazards potentially threaten the safety of you and your property," a spokesman said.

The Bureau of Meteorology is now issuing Flood Warnings and River Height Bulletins for the Mary River Catchment covering areas from Borumba Dam to Maryborough.

Mr Kross said the ground was now soaked and everything was now flowing into dams and waterways.

He said the 134mm he received last night was a big step up from theprevious three nights, when he received 18mm, 18mm and 20mm.

"We were waiting for heavy rain to give us some run-off to fill the dam.

"My wife said to me last night, ;Listen to that.'

"It sounded like the roar of the ocean.

"The ground is very wet. What we got before went straight into the ground, but the five-and-a-half inches we got last night had to go somewhere, so that's the run-off we needed."

In the Mary Valley, previously dry creeks are running again and overflowing in places.

The Mercer family at Upper Kandanga said the rain had saved their pastures and restored optimism to their prize winning stud cattle operation.

Roz Mercer has been reporteed welcoming the rain and the good flows now in Kandanga Creek.

They reported an increasingly desperate situation as they were forced to buy in feed and came close to vbeing unable to water their stud cattle herd, affecting 100 stud bulls and 300 valuable breeding cows and calves, according to one report.




Kandanga Creek flooding in Ernst Rd
Kandanga Creek flooding in Ernst Rd



MINOR to moderate flooding is forecast for the Mary River at Gympie, Dagun Pocket and Tiaro, according to a Bureau of Meteorology warning issued this morning.

Although rain across Gympie region was patchy overnight, the bureau attributed rising river heights to heavy rain in south eastern parts of the upper Mary River catchment and western parts of the lower Mary catchment.

"Minor flooding is expected along the upper Mary River (forecast at this stage to reach a height of about 6m, well below Kidd Bridge) to Gympie and downstream of Miva in the Tiaro area," the bureau said.

"The Mary River at Moy Pocket is currently at 3.18m (below minor) and rising, but is expected to remain below minor for the rest of today.

"The river at Dagun Pocket is currently at 4.3m and rising, with a likelihood it will exceed the minor flood level of 7m during the morning.

"The river at Gympie is currently at 2.16m (below minor) and rising. The Mary River at Gympie is likely to reach the minor flood level (6m) during the afternoon.

Minor flooding is also expected along the Mary River downstream of Miva.

The Mary River at Tiaro is currently at 5.30m (below minor) and rising.

This is expected to exceed the minor flood level (6.m) in the next few hours and moderate flooding is possible during Thursday.

Gympie city seemed to get a big share of patchy overnight rain across the region, with more on the way, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

By 7.30am, Gympie had recorded 33.2mm since 9am yesterday.

Double Island Point received 24.6mm and the Tin Can Bay defence area received 28.2mm.

Western districts had much lighter falls as rain became more scare towards Kingaroy, which recorded .8mm overnight.

Today's forecast is for a maximum temperature of 29C, with a shower or two and a possible storm, becoming less likely as the day goes on.

Tomorrow's temperatures are predicted to range from 21C to 31C, heading up to a 33C maximum on Saturday and a Sunday temperature range from 23C to 32C.

The bureau predicts partly cloudy conditions with a medium chance of showers on Saturday and a high chance of up to 10mm of rain on Sunday.

Partly cloudy conditions and similar temperatures and showers are forecast for the rest of the week to Wednesday.