FMX Kaos ready to hit the heights

MAKE sure you catch at least one performance by the FMX Kaos team.

FMX Kaos have performed freestyle motocross shows for 16 years, and also include mini bike and BMX demos to their entertainment line-up.

The team has several new riders from the Nitro Circus and Crusty Demons Tours, including household names such as Michael "Chuck” Norris, Tom Rob, Joel Brown, Codie Rooney, Jayden South and Scott Perry.

The team has performed throughout Australia as well as overseas in places like Singapore, China, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and South Africa.

They have also been hired as extras in several TV commercials, including an instant scratchy commercial.

Over a 12-month period, FMX Kaos gets to perform in front of approximately half a million spectators.

At the 2017 Gympie Show the group are looking forward to performing their death-defying and jaw-dropping stunts for the crowd of people expected through the gates.

A portable skate park will also be transported to the show and is built for all sports including BMX, scooter and inline skates.

The mini skate park is a side act to the main attraction, which are the moto shows to be held in the main arena.