Racist rant at Centrelink

Man’s racist rant at Centrelink

MOBILE phone footage of a man abusing customers and staff at a Centrelink office in Adelaide's northern suburbs has had more than 150,000 views on social media in less than six hours.

The video taken from the camera phone of a woman attending the Salisbury Centrelink office shows a man questioning why staff are giving people from other racial backgrounds money but not him.

"I didn't vote for multiculturalism did I?" the man screams as staff try to remove him from the building.

"But you will do whatever you can for every other c**t other than Australians."

He threatens to "smash" staff as they attempt to shield customers and children who enter the building near the ranting man.

The man singles out a Centrelink client who is out of frame, calling her a "black b***h" and asking how much money she is receiving from the government welfare agency.

Before exiting the building the man yells a final obscenity and demand: "f*** youse all, you will pay me my f***ing money".

Police have confirmed that a patrol attended the building at about 11.30am on Monday, after the man had left the premises.