Jed Lamb’s mouth has been busy.
Jed Lamb’s mouth has been busy.

‘It’s crap’: Footy pest gets whacked

CARLTON pest Jed Lamb has been slammed for his ongoing displays of "false bravado".

As the Blues crashed back to the bottom of the AFL ladder after a demoralising 109-point loss to Melbourne on Sunday, Lamb's notorious niggling tactics have come under fire by Demons legend Garry Lyon and Essendon champion Tim Watson.

Lamb again went after an opponent early in the Blues' loss to the Demons, getting in the face of star Michael Hibberd even before the first bounce.

It comes after he employed the same needling strategy against Essendon's Brendon Goddard in round eight - eventually prompting a firey sledging response from Essendon's Mark Baguley in which he referenced Lamb's father unawares that he had been murdered.

Despite the storm surrounding Lamb's actions against the Bombers, he went right back at it against the Demons, immediately trying to get under Hibberd's skin with a series of cheap, minor bumps off the ball.

Lyon said Lamb has been able to exploit the rules which protect players for trying to get under the skin of opposition - knowing full well their rivals have not been able to physically return fire for many years.

"This is the false bravado that comes from knowing you can pick a fight and that you're never going to have to fight it," Lyon told SEN's Breakfast.

He’s at it again.
He’s at it again.

Watson said Lamb's tactics are "just crap".

"When you see players go out there and they start whacking into the opposition players all over the ground, it's not something that just happens on the spur of the moment," Watson said.

"They only do it because they're protected by the boundary line and the game.

"Jed Lamb, the whole thing, it's just crap.

"Where was this bravado about 10 minutes into the second quarter at the MCG yesterday afternoon?

"The time to fight the fight is when the ball is there to be won or you've got to gut-run or do all those other things, it's not about being able to whack someone off the ball."

Essendon coach John Worsfold last week slammed reports suggesting defender Mark Baguley sledged Lamb about his father knowing that he had been murdered.

It's believed that Lamb had told Carlton officials that Baguley sledged him about his father who was the victim of a brutal axe murder almost 20 years ago.

However, Worsfold insisted that Baguley was unaware that Lamb's father was dead and that the defender was upset at how the on-field incident had been reported.

"My understanding is that Lamb sledged Baggers, and Baggers responded with a sledge as well which had nothing to do with (the death of Lamb's father) so it should never have been part of the conversation," Worsfold said at Tullamarine on Wednesday.

"If Mark Baguley had no idea about it, it's pretty hard (to imagine) that he would possibly comment on it."

Worsfold acknowledged he did not know exactly what Baguley said to Lamb as he had only been made aware of the incident on Tuesday night.

"All I can go on is what Mark has come out (and said)," Worsfold said. "He was quite upset at the way it was reported - Jed made a personal insult to Baggers and got an insult back."

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