Police robots to capture crash scene data

QUEENSLAND police forensic crash unit officers will have the latest technology at their disposal to help them gather crucial evidence after a crash on one of the state's roads

The State Government has rolled-out an additional 12 robotic crash scene recovery units which will allow officers to collect data and evidence more efficiently and effectively.

Queensland Police Service Acting Deputy Commissioner Dawson said on Thursday the organisation supported the use of technology to advance and improve policing.

"In February we showcased the Zebedee system used to scan crime scenes and produce maps for use in court," he said.

"Now we are showcasing another device that has been specifically designed to capture crash scene data which will enable the scene to be cleared quicker.

"The device requires only one forensic crash unit officer to operate the system which will save time and resources."

Police Minister Jack Dempsey said Operation Cold Snap would see the first use of new congestion-busting robotic technology on the state's roads.

"Previously, when police responded to a major incident it would take two officers more than three hours to collect evidence," he said.

"The new technology allows one officer to do it in barely two hours."