Forget Glitter Boobs, Now It's All About Glitter Butts

The world has officially gone mad - glitter, mad! We've glittered our facesour boobsour tongues, so it's a natural progression to glitter our butts, right? You're shaking your head, but come July when you're decamping to Byron Bay for Splendour In Grass, you'll be booty deep in glitter, rhinestones and metallic body paint.

Welcome to 2018 in all of its sparkly glory. Welcome to Glitter butts, my friends! Booty glitter bomb bums are all the rage on the US and European festival circuits this season. Pants schmantz! Why wear real-world clothes when you can substitute them for glitter?

You're probably thinking, no way, the tiniest bit of glitter eyeshadow will end up following me around until 2019. Girl, I'm not dipping my whole butt in it and then walking around a festival! Are you crazy? I won't be able to sit down! What if it rains?

Come on! Stop being so practical. Glitter a little! Let us convince you. See how pretty they look! Who doesn't want rhinestones stuck to their arse?

We knew you would come around. Now let's get practical. How do you get glitter-slap-happy on your boot-tay-tay?

The trend is all about layering on the glitter then topping it off with jewels, such as crystals and rhinestones.

But why stop at your butt, when you can glitter bomb your whole body? You can thank us for the Instagram likes later.