Former Gympie Devil puts NRL dream on hold.
Former Gympie Devil puts NRL dream on hold. Trevor Veale

Former Gympie Devils player puts NRL dream on back burner

RUGBY LEAGUE: Former Gympie Devils player Jack Morris is putting footy on the back burner after his five-year contract with the Parramatta Eels ended last year.

This season, the 23-year-old has been playing for the Cabramatta Two Blues in the Ron Massey Cup, which is the top level of rugby league in New South Wales.

"I signed with the Cabramatta Two Blues which are a feeder club for the Bulldogs,” he said.

"I'm taking footy less seriously now and have been focusing on my building apprenticeship.”

Gympie Devils former player Jack Morris
Gympie Devils former player Jack Morris

Despite being confident in his choice, it was not an easy decision to put his NRL dream on the back burner.

"It was hard to do that. I have been trying to crack it (the NRL) for the last five years,” he said. "I see people try and crack it until they are 26/27 and they they have nothing to fall back on.

"I bit the bullet to make it less of a priority. It was a tough call but I thought there is more to life than footy.”

Morris was part of the NSW Pioneers' winning side which beat the Queensland Rangers 28-18 last month.


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As a proud Queenslander, it was an adjustment for Morris wearing the Blues' jersey.

"It was so weird to throw on the jersey,” he said. "We had good coaches and they drilled it into us that they (Queensland) were the enemy. I didn't like Queensland much during that game.”

Morris said he would like to return to the Sunshine State but, for the moment, was happy living in Sydney.

"I always keep up top date with what's happening with the Devils through their Facebook page,” he said.

"I dare say I'll move to Queensland down the track but for the moment I'm here and there are good job opportunities as well.”