Former Ipswich miner dies with Black Lung

The passing of a retired Ipswich miner has revealed a further previously unknown case of the deadly Black Lung in Queensland.

The CFMEU said the Ipswich man who died on July 31 was found to have had Black Lung before he passed away.

The Union said it would not reveal the former miner's name out of respect for his family's privacy.

The death of the Ipswich man brought the total number of cases of Black Lung disease to more than 30.

Queensland mines have higher permissible legal dust limits (3mg per cubic metre) compared with NSW (2.5mg per cubic metre), and the US (1.5mg per cubic metre).

In the 12 months since the return of Black Lung disease was made public, there has been no change to the legal dust limit, nor to the self-regulation of dust levels.