The recent upgrade to the Pavilion at the Show grounds in Gympie.
The recent upgrade to the Pavilion at the Show grounds in Gympie. Renee Albrecht

Former mayor: 'Show Pavilion build was not a controversy'

A letter to the editor from Adrian McClintock:

I WISH to make it known that I, as mayor of Cooloola Shire, never saw the building of the show pavilion as a 'controversy' or a 'problem' in the mid 1990s as reported in the Gympie Times 21st July, 2018.

Residents at the time would well remember the old pavilion, which was a disgrace and unsafe for public activities and which had passed its use by date.

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Susan Forward, Dell and Adrian McClintock
Former mayor Adrian McClintock

Council sought to build a multi-use facility that would serve the Show Society, some sporting clubs and the wider community as a whole and so had plans drawn up and called for tenders.

Robertson Brothers won the tender and used predominantly local labour and suppliers. I don't believe there was any overrun on this.

The facilities that were needed were provided for in the original cost - caterer's kitchen, kiosk, bar facilities, huge floor area for the Show, stage, lighting, sound system and tables and chairs.

Other furnishings were bought after a range of quotes were obtained.

Pavilion upgrade underway at the Show grounds in Gympie Zac Munster.
The recent Pavilion upgrade at the Show grounds in Gympie, pictured Zac Munster. Renee Albrecht

It was always expected that the cost of the initial project would be a little over $4,000,000. This was achieved. Our CEO Spencer Slatter kept a close watch on every expenditure on this project.

The list of donors in the foyer of the pavilion shows that it was a much-needed and supported public facility.

I do not believe there was any major cost overrun on the original concept. Future councils updated the facilities as required and this would have been at additional cost.

It is true I did pay at the ballot box for the vision to build this pavilion but I and many others are proud of the facility we now have.

It was a challenge and an achievement. This may have taken me out of council but it opened doors to new and exciting challenges for me.

I have no regrets and 20 years on, present generations are reaping the benefits of the foresight and decision made by Cooloola Shire councillors in the 1990s.

Adrian McClintock,

Former Mayor,

Cooloola Shire Council

Jones Hill