Former NRL player joins the Gympie Gold ranks

Jason Webber is enjoying his first season with the Gympie Offroad Gold XI.
Jason Webber is enjoying his first season with the Gympie Offroad Gold XI. Aiden Burgess

GYMPIE Times sports writer Drew Timbs speaks to the Gympie Gold's latest recruit, Jason Webber - a former NRL player with a serious competitive streak


Q. How long have you been playing for the Gympie Gold?

A. This is actually my first season playing for the Gold.


Q. What is your specialty on the cricket pitch?

A. I have always preferred the bat, and I'm usually in the middle of the Gold's batting line-up.


Q. Is it true you played for the Balmain Tigers?

A. Yeah I played for the Tigers for three seasons from '97-'99. It was a great experience and it was definitely the highlight of my career.


Q. What did you do after you finished playing for Balmain?

A. I moved to France and played in the English Super League. It was awesome playing rugby in a different country, and I also snow skied in my spare time. I came back to Australia to play in Brisbane's Queensland Cup, winning the premiership in 2004 with the Burleigh Bears.


Q. Where did you grow up and what sports did you play when younger?

A. I grew up in my home town of Murgon and enjoyed rugby league, tennis and cricket. Unfortunately I was not much of a swimmer when I was younger so I didn't get into the pool often.


Q. Why change to cricket?

A. I retired from rugby league in 2004 and had a break then wanted to participate in local sport, and as a child I always loved cricket so I thought I would give it a try.


Q. What do you rather watch on the TV - NRL or cricket and who do you follow?

A. I like to watch both sports but I rather rugby league. My favourite team is obviously the West Tigers and I really hope they can go well this season.


Q. Do you have children and if so what sports do they play?

A. Yes I have three kids, one girl and two boys. My daughter is into swimming and my two sons love footy and cricket.


Q. Have you enjoyed this year's cricket season so far?

A. Absolutely, the team is fun to be around and it's always good to play competitive sport.


Q. How much longer will you be playing cricket in Gympie?

A. I'm not sure, hopefully for a couple more years but I will just see how it pans out.


Q. How is the Gold looking for this weekend's semi-final?

A. The team is looking promising heading into this weekend's match against Caloundra. We have had a strong season so far and the team have been playing exceptional in the weeks leading up to this game. Caloundra is full of strong players but I'm confident we can stick to our game strategy and come through with a win.


Player profile

Name: Jason Webber

Age: 40

Born: Murgon

Favourite food: Seafood

Favourite TV program: Seinfeld

Sport you would play if not cricket: Rugby League

Funniest moment in sport: My funniest moment would have to be watching my team-mate Jason Taglas have an interview on the news. He didn't realize that there was a huge green booger hanging out of his nose. It was hilarious.