ON TRIAL: Monique Louise Schwartz leaves the courthouse.
ON TRIAL: Monique Louise Schwartz leaves the courthouse. Sarah Barnham

Former nurse knocks man 'out cold' at taxi rank

THE former girlfriend of a man assaulted at a Noosa taxi rank broke down on the stand while giving evidence in the trial of his attacker.

Skye Nicholson was the first to give evidence in the trial of Monique Louise Schwartz, accused of punching Christian Lundgaard in the face, knocking him "out cold" on March 19, 2017. Ms Schwartz is contesting the assault, which caused the victim grievous bodily harm, was unlawful.

The jury was told Ms Schwartz was defending her boyfriend, who Mr Lundgaard headbutted just moments before the punch at the cab rank of Hastings St about 2.30am.

Ms Nicholson was the partner of Mr Lundgaard at the time.

The young woman burst into tears when recalling the moment an ambulance came for Mr Lundgaard. She told the jury he was "knocked out cold" on the road.

The jury was shown CCTV footage from the street that captured the moment Ms Schwartz, a former nurse, walked from her place in the line of the taxi rank to the road side where Mr Lundgaard was standing.

The footage shows Ms Schwartz punch Mr Lundgaard in the face.

Crown prosecutor Cummings told the jury the assault was unlawful as it was unprovoked.

He said Mr Lundgaard was not facing Ms Schwartz when she struck him. The court was told without immediate paramedic intervention, the impact to Mr Lundgaard's head could have resulted in death. Mr Cummings said Mr Lundgaard suffered a fractured nose, scalp and frontal haemorrhaging.

But Ms Schwartz' defence barrister Anthony Glynn said the assault was lawful.

He said Mr Lundgaard attacked his client's boyfriend first in the taxi cab line, and Ms Schwartz' came to his aid to prevent a further assault.

Mr Lundgaard was also called to the stand but could not remember the incident.

He said he remembered being at the Rolling Rock Nightclub, but did not remember the assault.

He told the jury he remembered waking up in hospital after the attack, surrounded by family. The trial will continue today.