The Ballroom Blitz ride at Aussie World
The Ballroom Blitz ride at Aussie World Contributed

Four injuries at Aussie World celebrations

FOUR people were injured when a ride malfunctioned at the Aussie World theme park.

The accident happened on Saturday during the popular Christmas Spectacular celebrations, putting one person in hospital and injuring three others.

Aussie World management has confirmed four people were injured on the Ballroom Blitz ride but provided no details on the malfuction.

The 48-seater ride Ballroom Blitz, was imported from Germany in 2014 and has patrons "soaring" 15 metres in the air, with their legs hanging, with the added twist that the seats spin.

Queensland Ambulance Service officers were required to assist a patient with lacerations to the forehead after making contact with the swing.

Three guests received first aid treatment onsite, with one requiring attention from the ambulance crew.

An Aussie World spokesman said the park's management had been in communication with the injured guests and would continue to provide support.

"As per standard procedure, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland have been notified and Aussie World is providing full co-operation and no further comment can be made at this time," he said in a statement.