Free flights in Qantas loyalty bid

QANTAS passengers caught up in last week's grounding will be wooed with free flights to any Australian or New Zealand destination and extra loyalty points, the airline has announced.

The deal, offered to passengers who had bookings between last Saturday night and last Monday, is on top of refunds, accommodation and payments the airline made to thousands of people caught up in the industrial dispute.

The airline will give every passenger who held a ticket from 5pm on October 29 - the time the grounding took effect - until midnight on Monday a return economy ticket. 

Qantas has taken advertisements in newspapers across Australia today announcing the offer.

When Qantas boss Alan Joyce announced the union lockout and grounding last Saturday, 64 planes carrying 7000 passengers were in the air. A further 13,000 were due to fly in to Australia in the 24 hours after Mr Joyce's announcement but Qantas estimated up to 68,000 people would be affected each day the grounding continued.