WELCOME: Scott Beckett is a new resident to the Gympie region this year.
WELCOME: Scott Beckett is a new resident to the Gympie region this year. Troy Jegers

From Canada to Gympie, the journey for Laminex manager

MEET the man in charge of more than 300 employees at Laminex, formerly known as the Carter Holt Harvey timber processing facility, in Gympie.

Manufacturing manager Scott Beckett grew up on the east coast of Canada where he studied chemistry, a diploma of engineering and a pulp and paper degree at university.

Scott Becket
Scott Becket Troy Jegers

He worked in the pulp and paper industry for 13 years before finishing off his masters in business in 2003. Three years later Mr Beckett worked in the cement manufacturing business for 10 years.

It was a phone call from a recruiter that prompted Mr Beckett and his wife to move 13,804km from his hometown to Sydney to work as a maintenance engineer and procurement manager for Orora packaging in 2016.

"I got a call from them a few years back but we turned it down because my son was 16 and didn't want to move and I didn't want to force them,” he said.

"I lived in Sydney for two years and then my wife and I travelled for four-and-a-half-months around Australia before landing here in Gympie on February 28 (this year).”

Mr Beckett said lifestyle and location was one of the reasons behind the move to Gympie.

"We love the area. We came up to Noosa for a five-day holiday and we just loved it. I remember when we were flying back down from Maroochydore I said 'it wasn't going to be the last time I come back,” he said.

"Literally two weeks later Laminex called and said Gympie. Honestly I had never even heard of Gympie but I did find out later we had driven through here in 2015. We found it was close to Noosa, Hervey Bay and Fraser Island and thought it was a great idea.”

Mr Beckett's key to success is maintaining a healthy lifestyle by going for a run in the morning.

"I go running on the county roads and I just love it.

"It's a different type of beauty,” he said.

"I'm a very driven individual, driven to be successful for myself and for the people I am working with.”

Next year Mr Beckett and his wife will apply for their Australian citizenship.