AM I BOARING YOU? Author and filmmaker Chris Sun has been passionate about the horror genre since he was a little boy.
AM I BOARING YOU? Author and filmmaker Chris Sun has been passionate about the horror genre since he was a little boy. John Mccutcheon

From film to publishing

HORROR movie director Chris Sun cannot remember reading a book but that has not stopped him from becoming a published author.

Mr Sun, who recently purchased the Gympie cinema and has almost finished work on his new film Boar, shot mostly at Lagoon Pocket and in the Mary Valley, signed a deal with United States-based publishing firm Source Point Press this week for his first book, Ed.

Not surprisingly, Ed has a horror bent, like Mr Sun's movies, Come and Get Me, Daddy's Little Girl, and Charlie's Farm.

He described the book as "Fifty Shades of Grey meets Ed Gein".

Ed Gein was an American killer and body snatcher whose evil doings were said to have provided inspiration for movies including Psycho and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, among others.

Mr Sun said he had the idea for the book and simply decided to give it a go.

"I've always wanted to have a crack at writing a book.

"I'd never written anything really apart from a story in Grade 2 and some scripts.

"I've never even read a book. I had to ring my mum and ask her how many pages were in a book, a Stephen King novel."

Mr Sun, who visualises his movies in detail before he shoots them, did the same with his book, which he said took a month-and-a-half to write.

He had sold about 2000 self-published copies before signing the US deal on Thursday.

The deal came about after Mr Sun's US management firm, Shoreline, mentioned the book to a contact.

Mr Sun said he had realised managers, agents and public relations representatives were necessary if he wanted to get a foothold in Hollywood.

He will fly to the United States on April 2 for a two-week trip which will start with signing autographs and promoting Charlie's Farm at a conference and will also include meetings with studios.

Mr Sun hopes to finish his next movie release Boar, later this year.

Although his films have developed a cult following, he said he was yet to make much money out of his horror stories but he feels that he is on the cusp of something with the US developments in his career.

A parochial Mr Sun said the biggest kick for him still was making it on a local level.

He hopes his movies and writing will show other people what they can do if they try.

"If you have a crack, anything is possible," he said.