Scott Wyatt.
Scott Wyatt. Alistair Brightman

From wheelchair bound to inspiring personal trainer

WHEN Scott Wyatt was diagnosed with a rare, debilitating disorder, he could have given up any hope of having a normal life again.

Instead, the determined personal trainer took on life's new challenges feet-first... literally.

Crippled by Guillain-Barre syndrome, a disease which causes the body's immune to attack the nerves, the then 20-year-old had to learn how to walk again.

Now 29, Scott, who moved to Hervey Bay from Darwin where he worked as a prison officer, is inspiring local gym-goers in his role at Anytime Fitness.

It's a remarkable recovery for the former rugby star who was playing for the Northern Territory Institute of Sport when he first felt the symptoms of what he thought was a pinched nerve.

"I went from playing first grade rugby union and weighing 102kg to being wheelchair bound and weighing 85kg in 14 days," Scott said.

"It wasn't until I tried to run and do push ups that I realised how weak I had become and knew there was something more going on"

Scott was hospitalised and couldn't do anything on his own, confined to his wheelchair for six to eight weeks.

After a lengthy recovery including hydrotherapy, occupational therapy and reprogramming his brain to learn the basics, Scott faced his next challenge - depression.

"I battled depression for about a year and when I saw a photo of myself weighing 120kg of fat this was a turning point for me, I knew something had to change," Scott said.

This was when Scott got serious about regaining his fitness and health stepping back into the gym.

With his background in sport he felt personal training was his calling.

"I have always loved helping people and fitness so becoming a personal trainer combines these two passions."

"What I've been through doesn't define who I am, I've learnt lessons and have moved on."

Scott, who recently started as a personal trainer at Anytime Fitness after moving to the Fraser Coast in March to be closer to family, is excited to see where his personal training business goes.

He sees a future here and hopes to settle down on the Fraser Coast.